Talking to Stevie Kremer – Sky Champion 2013

Pawel Raja: It has been just a couple of days after the final race in the Skyrunning circuit this year. You have won 3 out of 5 SkyRaces. You won last race at Limone with almost 8 minutes advantage. It seems that the very long season can be already claimed as a very successful. How do you feel now and what are your plans for the rest of the year?

Stevie Kremer: Thank you so much for the kind words!  It’s been a very fun year and I have been very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to run so many races in so many incredible places.  I hope next year is much of the same-racing in beautiful places all over the world and meeting new people like I did all year!

P.R.: Coming back to Italy for the last year might is as a kind of coming back home, isn’t it? Are you going to stay here for a longer?

S.K:. I am now back in Colorado, teaching 22 second grade students (they are 7 years old).  I am running and playing in the mountains here in Crested Butte.  Although I miss Europe very much, I do love being back home with friends the mountains so close!

P.R.: Taking a new approach. Will you be trying to attend the same races as you did this year, or you would look for the new challenges? How does it fit with the new Skyrunning season and its World Championships?

S.K.: I am up for anything and everything!  I loved the places and trails I ran throughout the last season, but I would be thrilled to explore new mountains, trails and races in other magnificent places in the World!

P.R.: Please correct if I am wrong. You were supposed to be in Poland this year, but we did not see you. As we keep finger crossed for the Polish SkyRace to be included in the circuit, do you think there will be a chance to meet you in Poland next year?

 S.K.: Yes I was supposed to run in Poland in September with the United States Mountain Running Team but due to work conflicts, I was not able to make it. It was a very difficult decision for me, and to be honest, I am very sad I didn’t take part with my team.  But I would LOVE to race there next year!!

 P.R.: Would you have any tips for the two Polish female runners: Dominika Wisniewska-Ulfik and Marysia Cebo, who already participated in two SkyRaces and got on the stage? How you train to compete with the best mountain runners in the world? You must share some tips with us J

 S.K.: Well they are obviously doing something right to make it on the podium-great job!!  I think the most important thing is to just enjoy as much as you can.  I think the day someone tells me I have to run is the day I may stop enjoying it.  Every day I am so excited to get out in the fresh air and climb and run around the various mountains here. 

P.R.: Just one quick question as a curiosity regarding the participation of USA athletes in the Skyrunning events across Europe. Runners claim the difference is spectacular. What do you think, what’s the main difference in mountain running in USA and Europe?

S.K.: I have said this before, but I truly think the biggest difference between the two countries is the supporters and spectators at races in Europe-it is truly incredible!  Don’t get me wrong, there is a wonderful support system here in the United States and the spectators and supporters are WONDERFUL, but in Europe they are all over the course, no matter how steep, long or technical.  It’s amazing!!

P.R.: I would truly like to thank you, for your time. I hope we can see you in Poland next year.

S.K.: Thank YOU for your interest in me! I am very flattered and hope to see you in Poland soon!!





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