Limone sul Garda – loose thoughts

Top of the morning and we’re already woken up. Ready to go. Pumped up and looking forward to take part in one of the most technical races this year. There’s Dominika Wisniewska-Ulfik, top female, Marysia Cebo just behind her, Lucjan Chorazy one of the top males, Rafal Ulfik going strong and a guest runner Bogdan Matejko. There’s also me, who wants to experience what the best runners feel during such a spectacular event.

Once on the spot, we check the map, rent a car, pack in and strive to get to Limone sul Garda, where the final of Skyrunning World Series is taking place. Just three hours after we arrive to Bergamo, we’re already in the hotel, kicking around, hustling just not to stay too long under the roof. We cannot wait. The excitement spreads around. Friday was to chill, but we walk around as crazy. We have anticipated this moment since August at least. The constant improvement of physical and mental strength has been the subject of long-term focus, where at the same time resignation of every life pleasures was left aside. As we spread and go for a short run, we realize the dependency path that brought us here. We love running in the mountains and the idea of Skyrunning perfectly suits our needs and desires.

We kick of on Saturday with a big breakfast. Strong coffee, one or two crossaints and bread buttered with jam and honey. The engine is already on. As we go around, we reach the two nearest towns and enjoy some sightseeing. As we move around those places and tiny, hidden streets, we realize how important the time spent together is. As a group we unite and embrace similar attitude. Couple of hours just moving around leave us with the expectations to gain more. More smile, more understanding, more self-realization and a lot of endorphins to fill our tanks. Once the lovely-jobely attitude is spread around, we get back to Limone.

Ready for the briefing and some story telling from the organizers. We got our racing packages before and already know the route. What we are up to hear is not much. Seems spontaneous, seems common, though we enjoy being around other runners. Quick chat with Lauri and some hope to discuss Skyrunning event in Poland later on. Long-spent evening among people who share the same feelings about Sunday’s race. Thoughts and advices flow around our table. We wish ourselves the best and do not compete with each other as hard as back home. We do compete on one of the most technical routes from the Skyrunning calendar this year and best runners from all over the world.

Short, but steep and narrow, rocky, but with moments of soft grounds and woods around. Already on the track, in the queue climbing up, just behind Kilian’s mom for the next 14km. She passes me of the pit stop and I’m pretty sure I won’t catch her back. Well, genes – this is my satisfactory explanation. Just after downhill, I hope it’s over. But there’s no rest, except constant climbing. I am not in a hurry, I look around and treat this a culmination of my running needs. Being pretty sure Polish Team already crossed the finish line, I am happy for them.  There comes the last pit-stop. My legs say no, but my heart goes strong. The last downhill. Steep and rocky, as we all knew before. Just don’t break a log and move strong. The undeniable is the organizers’ courage to prepare such a route. They let us run and my gratitude is still much higher. Skyrunning is simply cool.

Skyrunning Poland - Limone sul Garda

Skyrunning Poland – Limone sul Garda



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