Here you got the interview with a co-founder of Skyrunning! - Photography, Writing, Talk Ultra Podcast

2012 was something of a breakthrough year for the International Skyrunning Federation. Their ‘Skyrunner World Series’ attracted the cream of international trail and ultra running to the start lines of many of their spectacular races and the general consensus was ‘mind-blowing’. The jaw-dropping and eye-popping locations and lung-burning steep and technical courses, not to mention the outstanding performances, combined to ignite a massive groundswell of support for the concept of skyrunning. 2013 seems certain to build on the success of last year with even more amazing race destinations added to the calendar, including the ISF’s first 100 miler, plus many of the worlds best trail runners have signed up and are ready to resume rivalries. Its gonna be one hell of a show.

However, what we see coming to fruition now is a result of the vision and 20 years of hard-work by the ISF’s co-founders Marino Giacometti and Lauri…

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