Anton Krupicka – an interview

An interview with Anton Krupicka shows his admiration to the idea of European SkyMarathons, SkyRaces and Kilian.

“In any case, I’d love to see more true mountain races in the US of the 2-5hr length where there is a ton of vertical gain and loss on a logical course over real mountain terrain.  They are still fantastic mountain challenges, but they don’t take all day (and night) to complete and they don’t take all month to recover from.  I think it’s a little more civilized way to challenge oneself in the high country than constantly feeling the need to suffer for 30+ hours.  Don’t get me wrong, I will always do a couple 100mi races each year and I love that distance, but I wish there were more truly technical and aesthetic “mid-distance” races like the European SkyMarathons to fill in the gaps here.  Nearly everything is so flat and doesn’t make sense geographically.  I hope to direct just such an event some time soon.”

You can find the full article on


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