Skyrunning visibility

International Skyrunning Federation VISIBILITY

Alright, so now you see the potencial for Skyrunning in Poland. You want to join us as a race organizer. Since we agree, you need to cope with the standard procedures uniformed for all the organizers in the World. As there are rules you need to obey, it gives you already a proven framework, so you know everything is sealed. Please read the information below to get the most up to date information on promotional material.

Race organisers’ promotional material must include the ISF logo and the official competition category logo (ie “Skyrunner® World Series” or “European Championships” or “SkyGames®) as well as those of any sponsors or ISF partners. The ISF will provide a list of partners to the organisers. Any partnership or advertising that might conflict with the activities of the main ISF partners is forbidden. All advertising deemed inappropriate for health or moral reasons is forbidden. Any dispute on this point must be addressed by the ISF Communication and Marketing Commission. ISF Visibility granted by the organisers consists of:

a) A full page advertisement in the race brochure, the relative logos (see above) in advertisements, on posters and on any printed material.

b) ISF logos and/or banners together with those above to be placed on the start/finish arch and in finish line area and on the award stand .

c) The SWS will supply leaders’ bibs and winners’ and champions’ jerseys to the race organiser. The ranking leaders (first male and first female) must wear the “leader” bib and the race winners (first male and first female) must wear the “winner” jersey on the podium. The final champions must wear the “champion” jersey on the podium. Other forms of visibility or bib space and their costs may be successively agreed upon.



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