Skyrunning World – members

As we are an aspirant member to International Skyrunning Federation we look at others. We search, we ask and we go deep into the world (eventually should be – sky) where people except running, thinking about it, they dream about it. Truly this is going fast and bit multilayer at once, but in the end it is all about passion.

Below you can find a list of International Skyrunning Federation members:

1. ANDORRA – Federaciò Andorrana de Muntanysme (FAM)
2. AZERBAIJAN – Azerbaijan Mountaineering Federation (AAF)
3. BRAZIL – Brazil Skyrunning Association (BRSF)
4. BULGARIA – Bulgarian Skyrunning Federation (BSF)
5. COLUMBIA – Federacion Colombiana de Carreras de Altura (FCCA)
6. COSTA RICA – Federaciòn Costarricense de Deportes de Montaña (FECODEM)
7. FRANCE – France Skyrunning Association (FSA)
8. GREAT BRITAIN – GB Skyrunning Association (GBSA)
9. GREECE – Hellenic Skyrunning Association (HSA)
10.HONG KONG – Hong Kong Skyrunning Association (HKSA)
11.ITALY – Federazione Italiana Skyrunning (FISKY)
12.MALAYSIA – Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon (MKIC)
13.PERU – Skyrunning Perù Associación (SPA)
14.PHILIPPINES – Philippinne Skyrunning Association (PSA)
15.PORTUGAL – Federçào Portughesa de Montanhismo e Escalada (FPME)
16.RUSSIA – Russian Mountaineering Federation (RMF)
17.SPAIN – Federación Española de Deportes de Montaña y Escalada (FEDME)
18.SWITZERLAND – Swiss Skyrunnning Association (SSA)
19.USA – American Trail Running Association (ATRA)
20.VENEZUELA – Associación Venezolana de Skyrunning (AVS)

Currently we also have Non Voting Associates:

FEEC – Federació d’Entitats Excursionistes de Catalunya ( FEEC)
EMF – Euskal Mendizale Federazioa (EMF)
FEM- ECV Federaciò d’Esports de Munrugna della Comunitat Valenciana (FEMECV)

And finally we have two Aspirant Members for the International Skyrunning Federation:

RCA – Recorre Colombia Association

Skyrunning POLAND / Skyrunning POLSKA



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