Skyrunning disciplines

According to the official Skyrunning rules we would like to provide you with a bit of useful information. Except the general definition os Skyrunning you might face:

SkyMarathon® – race with a minimum of 2000m total elevation gain and between 30km to 42km long.  The course may be over paths, trail, moraine, rock or snow (asphalt less than 15%) and reach or exceed 4,000m altitude.

Ultra Skymarathon® –  Races that exceed the parameters for SkyMarathon® by more than 5%.

SkyRace® –  Races between 2,000m and 4,000m altitude, minimum 20 km long – maximum 30 km (5% tolerance admitted). In countries where the altitude does not reach a 2,000m summit, competitions that exceed 1,300m vertical climb may be considered a SkyRace®.

Vertical Kilometer® – Races with 1,000m vertical climb over variable terrain with a substantial incline, not exceeding five kilometres in length. The Vertical Kilometer® is defined at three altitude levels (+/‐ 200m variable) example: from 0 – 1,000m, 1,000 – 2,000, 2,000‐3,000m, with 5% tolerance.

SkySpeed® –  Races with 100 metres or more vertical climb and more than 33% incline. The indoor version is termed: SkyScraper ‐ Vertical Running.

SkyBike® –  Duathlons consisting of a bike or mountain bike race and Vertical Kilometer® or skyrunning competition.

SkyRaid® –  Team skyrunning races over long distances combining other sports such as cycling, skiing, climbing etc.

SkyScrapper / Vertical Running –  Vertical races with an incline over 45% on stairs in skyscrapers or outdoors.

SkyTrail – TBD

As we are incorporating those disciplines in Poland, how do you reckon where would you fit in?

Full information in Polish will be provided soon!



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