Skyrunning Poland

In cooperation with Biegi Górskie and Biegi Zagraniczne we commence to promote the idea of Skyrunning in Poland. As this running project is gaining its peak, we want to share with you all the emotions, all the passion running “in the sky” can bring.

Starting from a simple thought – to talk about it everywhere we find it incredibly useful to create one spot to gather all the information you might look for. We commence with the legal framework, creating calendar, bringing the best athletes in the world to Poland and discuss live all that matters. You just might wonder if this is to bring the attention of Polish runners to the idea of Skyrunning why is it in English? The answer is simple, as we try to make this movement a focal point of our perspective and bring international runners to Poland.

We do need your help, as this is going to be dramatic!

We truly dare to say we are passionate about the idea of Skyrunning. 

View on Ararat Mountain from Armenia, picture by Paweł Raja



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